Some random articles I wrote (and like):

The Drift: A volitile internet landscape. February 2023.

Slate: Wikipedia’s redesign is barely noticable. That’s the point.  January 2023

Defector: In Search of a Hot Pink Bitch Named Breakfast. October 2022

Slate: Russians are racing to download Wikipedia before it gets banned. March 2022

Input / MIT Media Lab: Are humans better than AI at detecting deepfakes? It’s complicated. March 2022

Substack: 23 things I learned in 23 years. November 2022

The Michigan Daily: College quantified July 2021

Some articles I wrote during the nine months I wrote at Input, a short-lived tech blog (may she rest in peace):

The adorable love story behind Wikipedia’s ‘high five’ photos. 2/14/2022

To delete or not to delete? The fate of the most contentious Wikipedia articles. 12/31/2021

For farmer Dave Brandt, being a meme is honest work 8/30/2022

The utterly delightful site dedicated to classifying bread tags 8/26/2022

The charming ‘70s love story behind that viral surfing teacher photo 7/12/2022

Remember when WIkipedia killed the ‘you can help by expanding it’ meme? 7/11/2022

How to download all of Wikipedia 6/20/2022

Getting your dad the same gift every year is great, actually 6/17/2022

The real story behind the infamous photo of a packing-peanut-covered cat 6/6/2022

I can’t stop watching the ‘hanger reflex’ freak people out 5/19/2022

The wholesome life of Sam Barsky, the internet’s favorite knitter 5/19/2022

123Greetings is still up and still amazing 5/19/2022

‘Jeopardy!’ champ Mattea Roach reveals her online obsessions 5/4/2022

The masculine urge to dig a tunnel: an investigation 4/25/2022

A brief history of the ‘my brother in Christ’ meme 4/8/2022

Reddit is bringing back beloved digital art experiment, r/place 3/30/2022

Creator of the gif, Stephen Wilhite, dies at 74 3/24/2022

Chipotle is testing a tortilla chip robot and its name is Chippy 3/17/2022

Why is Cleopatra constantly trending on Wikipedia? 3/3/2022

Happy 22nd birthday to the adorable website you’ve never heard of 2/23/2022

Potato milk is here whether you like it or not 2/7/2022

Why does the internet love ‘Cow Tools,’ a nonsensical comic from 1982? 1/16/2022

What ever happened to the spray-on condom? 1/6/2022

Hmm, angry reviews of candles with ‘no scent’ are spiking again… 12/24/2022

Kmart locations are dwindling but its in-store soundtrack is having a moment 12/23/2022