Hi! I’m a University of Michigan Neuroscience student, writer, and social media creator. 

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Depths of Wikipedia
I started @depthsofwikipedia on Instagram amidst quarantine boredom and it’s now expanded to TikTok and Twitter

+Buzzfeed Video Creator Spotlight: “Weird Wikipedia Facts”
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“This account dug up the weirdest things on Wikipedia.”
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“If you search Wikipedia long enough, you’ll find the dark and funny “depths”
The Chive: “A Page Dedicated to the Weirdest Side of Wikipedia”
+Stephen Harrison Newsletter :“My favorite Instagram account acknowledges the simple truth: Wikipedia is weird.” 
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+Brief mention in the New York Times (thanks Sam Sifton!). My other brief mention in the NYT is here, in an article called “College is Everywhere Now,” where I told Taylor Lorenz about how I was living in NYC but taking classes from University of Michigan!!