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rabbit holes︎︎︎

Depths of Wikipedia
I curate internet screenshots on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. It started with just @depthsofwikipedia on Instagram, an account I started amidst quarantine boredom to compile my favorite excerpts from Wikipedia. 

+Buzzfeed Video Creator Spotlight: “Weird Wikipedia Facts”
+Forbes Interview: “The Weirdest Entries on Wikipedia. Creator Spotlight: @depthsofwikipedia”
+Wikipedia edit-a-thon stats
+ i-D interview:
“This account dug up the weirdest things on Wikipedia.”
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+Lithium Magazine Interview: “The viral Instagram page diving into the depths of Wikipedia”
+Shoutout in Eater: “Our new favorite ‘Economic law:’ the pizza principle”
+Tastefully Offensive Interview:
“If you search Wikipedia long enough, you’ll find the dark and funny “depths”
The Chive: “A Page Dedicated to the Weirdest Side of Wikipedia”
+Stephen Harrison (of WSJ) Newsletter :“My favorite Instagram account acknowledges the simple truth: Wikipedia is weird.” 
+Bored Panda Interview: “This page is dedicated to the weird side of Wikipedia”
+Brief mention in the New York Times (thanks Sam Sifton!!). My other brief mention in the New York Times is here, in an article called “College is Everywhere Now,” where I told Taylor Lorenz about how I was living in NYC but taking classes from University of Michigan!!


school ︎︎︎

B.S. Neuroscience, University of Michigan Honors College
I love Ann Arbor! Go Blue! I took a bunch of classes in data science, and writing, and public health, and I landed on a Neuroscience degree. I think I could have been really happy doing a lot of different things, but I have no regrets: I know a lot about enzymes and Phineas Gage! I stayed pretty busy tutoring chemistry at the Science Learning Center, racing with the Triathlon Club, and writing for the Michigan Daily. 

Sometimes I’m bummed that Covid carved a chunk out of my college experience, but whatever, I guess! Michigan rocks. Some highlights have been yearly trips with the Backpacking Club, Club Triathlon Nationals in Arizona, watching student improv shows, and frequenting Bab’s Underground Lounge (Ann Arbor’s best-kept secret). My favorite classes were Honors 232 “The Chemistry of Climate Change” with Dr. Anne McNeil, Psych 230 “Behavioral Neuroscience” with Dr. Gideon Rothschild, SI 206 “Data-oriented Programming,” and EECS 183 “Intro to Programming Concepts.” 


writing ︎︎︎

Boing Boing writer profile 
Staff Writer, The Michigan Daily
I write for Statement, the longform magazine section, where I write a column on internet culture. I’ve also contributed to the Arts and News sections! 

A few of my favorites:

+The Art of the Roommate Pitch, in which I analyzed the changing ways that colleges pair roommates. I even trained AI to make posts on a roommate-finding forum!
 +Billy Magic and the Internet’s Unabashed Enthusiasm for Public Transit, which dives into the online communities that use enthusiastic stan lingo for decidedly unsexy things like busses
+Creators on Campus: U-M influencers speak on balancing school and social media,
where I rounded up the university’s most viral internet stars and asked them about balancing school with content creation.
+What is ‘A history of U-M students on College Jeopardy in which I chronicled the University’s historical performances on the trivia show, explored the purpose of random knowledge, and discussed my experience at that year’s in-person audition (which, sadly, I didn’t pass)
+Another web show? In this economy? where I reflected on the ways internet fame has changed since iCarly’s 2007 release
+College Quantified, an essay where I estimated how many times things had happened to me

ummm what else should you know ︎︎︎

+ I’m a Pilates instructor! I interviewed at Core Collective Ann Arbor my freshman year after seeing an ad on a poster outside my dorm room. The owner (Emily) led me through training, and I ended up really loving the job! I’ve taught reformer and mat classes at Core Collective and Club Pilates Grand Rapids.

+ I like doing standup and have performed at Asylum NYC, Caveat, and other spots!

+I love to chat!!! hmu hey@depthsof.com (please!)

+No really, send me an email. How’s your day going? What advice would you give someone in their early twenties (me)? What’s something that inspires you? What should I add to the LOL (list of links)?