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I started @depthsofwikipedia on Instagram amidst quarantine boredom and people seemed to really like it. Now it’s also on TikTok and Twitter and has been featured in:

+New York Times: “Want to See the Weirdest of Wikipedia? Look No Further.” 3/31/2022
+New Yorker: “Wikipedia, in the flesh” 4/18/2022
+The Guardian: “Mining for gold in the Depths of Wikipedia.” 4/20/2022
+NPR : “You can find anything on Wikipedia — even the weird and wacky.” 5/1/2022
+Cultured Magazine: “Depths of Wikipedia’s Annie Rauwerda is Winning the Information War.” 1/26/2023
+NPR: “Wikipedia’s race to cover the queen’s death” 9/14/2022.
+Mozilla Blog: “The Depths of Wikipedia creator on finding the goofy corners of the web.” 3/10/2023
+Gizmodo: “Instagram memers are performing sold out live shows.” 2/3/2023
+Vice : “I look for the weirdest and wildest things on Wikipedia. Here’s what I’ve learned.” 1/13/2022
+ABC News: “The bizarre and wonderful depths of Wikipedia.” 8/31/2022
+Bustle: “This 23-year-old finds Wikipedia’s weirdest articles” 1/26/2023
+Nashville Scene: “Annie Rauwerda is obsessed with accessible information.” 2/28/2023
+Buzzfeed Video Creator Spotlight: “Weird Wikipedia Facts”
+Gizmodo: “Instagram memers are performing sold out live shows.” 2/3/2023
+The Stranger: “The Joy of crowd-sourced trivia.” 8/12/2022
+Mashable: “Travel down a Wikipedia rabbit hole with the mastermind behind Depths of Wikipedia on Instagram” 10/24/2021
+Wikimedia Diff : “From the Depths of Wikipedia: an interview with Wikimedian and influencer Annie Rauwerda” 12/7/2021

+Forbes: “The Weirdest Entries on Wikipedia. Creator Spotlight: @depthsofwikipedia.” 5/31/2021
+ i-D : “This account dug up the weirdest things on Wikipedia.” 3/16/2021
+Inside Hook : “How one Instagram account finds the weirdest stuff on Wikipedia”
+Lithium Magazine : “The viral Instagram page diving into the depths of Wikipedia”

+Mentioned in New York Times Cooking, New York Times Styles, Smithsonian Magazine, Eater, Vox
+Stats from Wikipedia edit-a-thon 

Here are some of the podcasts that have invited me to chat: 

+ Reply All
+ NPR Michigan
+ NPR Lansing WKAR
+ Yeah But Still
+ Lateral with Tom Scott
+ New Books Network
+ Punch Up the Jam
+ Follow Friday
+ KQED Forum
+ The World According to Wikipedia
+ Hacker Noon
+ Popular Science “The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week”

+ Why is this not a movie? The Erfurt Latrine Disaster